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Beyond 8 is built on top of all that is exciting at HLC and much much more. Try a complimentary week of online learning with us at Beyond 8, and get a glimpse into what the best high school experience for learners who wish to pursue their passions feels like. For a week:
- Be a part of our learner pods (groups of learners with varied interests)
- Be coached by subject matter experts for your exams in dynamic settings
- Gain exposure by learning from industry experts and thought-leaders*
- Learn science, humanities, commerce, math, arts, or tech from the best

Beyond 8 Philosophy
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Are you curious, creative, collaborative and interested in a variety of things?

Beyond 8 is looking for learners who are passionate, empathetic, creative, collaborative, innovative citizens to produce the future. Get in touch with us on WhatsApp at +91 9962601715 or write to us at contact at today to embark on your journey of lifelong learning.

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